Referral Program
Learn how to profit from Water Damage Restoration
without going into the business
Dear friend,

It's not very often that you get the opportunity to make extra
without any extra work. But, that's exactly what
Aqua Master Disaster Response Team, LLC offering you.

If you are a service provider (plumbing contractor,
maintenance worker, roofer, etc.) and called out for service
call (to repair a plumbing problem, clear a clogged drain or
roof leak, fix siding, replace burst pipe), damage has
occurred to the property from either water or sewage. The
longer a structure remains wet, the higher the like hood of
extensive property damage. It is vital that proper restoration
procedures begin as soon as possible, to protect both the
property and the building occupant's health.
If you are
friend, family member or neighbor of person with
flooded property you may also take advantage of this
referral program.

Here's how the program works:
1. Anytime you go on a service call if a property has been
damaged by water, simply give the property owner our
number and have them call us. Make sure that they tell us
that you referred them, or if you prefer, call us yourself. We
will respond and be on-site, usually in 1-2 hours or less.
2. For every referral we receive from you that leads to a
water damage restoration job, we will pay you $200
(minimum),  or 10% up to $1000 (maximum). It's that easy!

How do you sign up?
When you refer a job to us for first time, give us your name,
phone number and address* (where we can send a check
to). Next time you call us you will be in our database.

We can handle any size job. We are fully trained and certified
and have performed many restorations. We have a large
inventory of specialized drying equipment and will work with
customer's insurance company to insure that the property is
returned to it's pre-loss condition, or even better!

If you would like more information on this program or any
of our services, please feel free to contact us.

*Any payments over $600 requires 1099 form.
To prevent Insurance Fraud and/or vandalism this individuals disqualify
from the referral program:

- City, county, government employees
- Insurance Co. employees
- House sitters
- Maintenance workers
- Owners of damaged property
- Service providers who caused  damage

Those who can benefit from this program are:

- Plumbing Co
- Roofing Co
- Window Co
- Waterproofing Co
- Siding Co
- Friend, family member
- Office employee
- Neighbor
- Repeat Customer
- Property Manager
- Marketing Co
- Other Restoration Co
- Etc (call for more details)
Disaster Response Team, LLC