Carpet Care
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Proper cleaning involves using the right cleaning methods:
Aqua Master  is committed to providing honest work that we stand behind.
We pledge to give premier service with great pricing using the best methods
in the industry
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Pre- Conditioning
Specially formulated agents will prepare your carpet for maximum soil
suspension. These agents will remove dirt and other harmful elements
that become embedded deep into your carpet which over time ruin
your carpet's appearance and color.

Spot Removing
Special cleaning agents will be used in attempting to remove persistent
spots; fabric safely remains of permanent importance.
(some charges might apply)

Deep Scrubbing                                          
Carpet grooming rake is used for agitation of soiled traffic lanes and
loosening embedded dirt.

Furniture Moving                                        
Some furniture moved (per request) and protected from wet carpet
with styro-blocks or plastic pads.

Steam Cleaning "Hot Water Extraction"
Clean water, under high pressure & temperature, sprayed into the
carpet fibers, powerful vacuum immediately extracts cleaning agents
along with the soil, your carpet is left fresh and clean with no "soap"
residue to attract future soiling.

Maxim or Teflon Carpet Protector
Your carpet will be carefully treated with genuine carpet protector by
our trained service technicians. For a small investment you'll get added
protection from soil and many staining agents (for additional fee)
Carpet Warranty

Did you know, most
carpet manufacturers
require regular,
professional carpet
cleaning in order to
validate your carpet's